Natural Wood Panel White


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Gives a matte and white-scrubbed finish that is dirt-repellent

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(EUH208) Contains sensitizing agent. May cause an allergic reaction. (EUH210) Safety data sheets are available for request. (EUH211) Warning! Dangerous respirable droplets can form during spraying. Do not inhale spray or mist.


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Drying time at 20 ° C, 60% RH (hours): 2 hours Can be repainted at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Hours): 4 Hours Cured at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Days): 28 Days


Ceiling Wood


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Описание продукта


Product properties

  • Flügger Panelvit is a completely matt, water-based, white stain that gives yellowed wood
  • lighter appearance, with visible wood structure.
  • When Panel White is applied thinly, the wood is given a stained appearance. A fuller
  • layers give a more opaque result, but preserve the structure and grain of the wood.
  • The surface can withstand easy cleaning.

USP / Special Features

  • Gives a matte and white-scrubbed finish that is dirt-repellent



Product use

  • Used indoors on untreated, white-stained and lacquered wood, in ceilings and on
  • walls.
  • The surface must be clean, dry and firm.
  • New wood is dusted. Marks and stains are sanded away.
  • Previously stained and varnished surfaces are washed thoroughly with Flügger Trärens.
  • Nicotine-damaged surfaces require thorough cleaning and post-washing with water
  • and drying to avoid stains. Shiny surfaces are matt sanded. Stir before
  • use. Apply with a brush in an even color layer in the wood
  • fiber direction. Paint 1-2 boards at a time to avoid visible overlap.
  • Test coating is recommended on previously treated surfaces for assessment
  • appearance and adhesion.

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