SPACE One Tone


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Delivery time: 3-4 days
Decorative product with metallic effect for walls and ceilings. Gives an artistic expression in several color tones.
Give your walls an artistic expression by the changing finish. SPACE is a metallic paste that gives velvety smooth walls with a nice metallic effect. No two SPACE walls look alike and that's what its charm is.
  • Metallic effect in a hue
  • Velvety surface


Dangerous elements


Risks and etc.

(EUH208) Contains sensitizing agent. May cause an allergic reaction. (EUH210) Safety data sheets are available for request. (EUH211) Warning! Dangerous respirable droplets can form during spraying. Do not inhale spray or mist.


Product Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Drying time

Paintable at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Hours): 24 Hours Cured at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Days): 28 Days









Product description


Product properties

  • Decorative product with metallic effect for walls and ceilings.
  • Gives an artistic expression in several color tones.
  • The treatment is performed on a fully plastered, sanded and anchored surface.
  • Recommended for rooms with medium requirements for functionality, which are exposed to moderate soiling and wear.
  • For better dirt-repellent properties and increased durability, Flügger Floor Varnish is recommended.

USP / Special Features

  • Metallic effect in a hue
  • No drying time
  • Velvety surface

Environmental information

Remove as much paint as possible from the tools before cleaning in water. Liquid paint residues should not be poured down the drain, but left at the local environmental station. Minimize your paint waste by estimating in advance how much paint you need. Take care of leftover paint so you can use it again. This is how you effectively reduce the product's environmental impact.



Product use

  • Living rooms, entrances, offices, business premises, clinics, shops, hotels and restaurants.
  • The substrate must be fully filled with putty, sanded and anchored.


  • Loose material and paint are removed by rough cleaning, sanding and dusting.
  • Dirt, spills, grease and paint-releasing materials are removed with basic cleaning.
  • Hard, smooth surfaces are sanded.
  • Medium putty is applied and leveled.
  • The surface is sanded, dusted and primed with an anchoring primer before further treatment.
  • It is important that the surface is properly sanded so it looks 100% even and uniform.

Technical details