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Specially developed, quick-drying primer that creates adhesion, before you apply KABRIC Floor.
Used as an adhesive primer on even surfaces before treatment with KABRIC Floor. Binds to the substrate and ensures adhesion for subsequent treatment.
  • PU primer
  • Quick-drying


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Время сушки

Drying time at 20 ° C, 60% RH (hours): 1 hour Can be repainted at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Hours): 6 Hours Cured at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Days): 7 days









Описание продукта


Product properties

  • Quick-drying PU primer.
  • Used as an adhesive primer on even surfaces before treatment with KABRIC Floor.
  • Binds to the substrate and ensures adhesion of subsequent treatment.
  • Included in the KABRIC Floor treatment system.

USP / Special Features

  • PU primer
  • Booklet primer
  • Quick-drying

Environmental information

Remove as much paint as possible from the tools before cleaning. Liquid paint residues should not be poured down the drain, but left at the local environmental station. Minimize your paint waste by estimating in advance how much paint you need. Take care of leftover paint so you can use it again. This is how you effectively reduce the product's environmental impact.



Product use

  • Priming of terrazzo, concrete, linoleum, laminate and laminate flooring before applying KABRIC Floor.
  • Used for priming even surfaces. Any markings from the substrate may be visible in the finished surface.


  • Remove cement skin by machine grinding.
  • Residues of grease, oil, wax and polish are removed with paint wash, tie sponge and mechanical cleaning.
  • Loose material and paint are removed by rough cleaning, sanding and dusting.
  • Dirt, spills, grease and chalky materials are removed with paint wash.
  • Lime and soap are removed with descaler.
  • Stuck residues of lime, soap, grease, oil and wax are removed with a sponge and mechanical cleaning.
  • Hard, smooth surfaces are matt sanded.
  • Cracks and holes are filled with epoxy putty before treatment.
  • Intermediate sanding before further treatment.
  • Finish the treatment with KABRIC Floor and KABRIC Strongcoat or KABRIC Strongcoat Extra.

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