Flügger Facade Universal Base 1_9,1 L


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Delivery time: 3-4 days
Colorless primer for mineral substrates to be painted with facade paint.
Provides a diffusion-open surface. Provides effective anchoring and adhesion to lightly chalky and absorbent surfaces. Finish immediately after drying.
  • Mineral-containing substrates
  • Improves attachment.
  • Colorless

Dangerous elements


Risks and etc.

(EUH208) Contains sensitizing agent. May cause an allergic reaction. (EUH210) Safety data sheets are available for request.


Product Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Drying time

Drying time at 20 ° C, 60% RH (hours): 1 hour Can be repainted at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Hours): 3 Hours








Mineral-containing substrates Improves attachment. Colorless

Product description


Product properties

  • Colorless primer for mineral substrates.
  • Provides effective anchoring and adhesion to lightly chalky and absorbent surfaces.

USP / Special Features

  • Mineral-containing substrates
  • Improves attachment.
  • Colorless

Environmental information

Remove as much paint as possible from tools before washing in water. Do not dispose of residual liquid paint in drains, hand it over to your local recycling center. Minimize your paint waste by calculating in advance how much will be used. Store excess paint properly so that residues can be used, which minimizes the environmental impact.



Product use

  • Easily color-giving and absorbent mineral-containing facades, e.g. gypsum, concrete and lightweight concrete before treatment with facade paint.


  • Precipitates, loose material and paint are removed by washing and cleaning.
  • Dirt, spills, grease and chalky materials are removed with Facade Clean.
  • Algae, fungus and mold are removed by cleaning with Facade algae wash.
  • Larger cracks should be filled with suitable material.


  • Protect freshly painted surface from adverse weather conditions.
  • Take appropriate measures against the influence of moisture and precipitation the first time after application of the paint.
  • The surface achieves maximum robustness when it is fully hardened.
  • It is important to apply in a suitable layer thickness so that the substrate is saturated, but is not glossy after drying.

Technical details


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