Sand plastic 696


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Drying time at 20 ° C, 60% RH (hours): 2 hours Can be repainted at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Hours): 20 Hours Cured at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Days): 28 Days
Hand trowel for plasterboard in dry rooms with good filling capacity and high strength. Finish with wall cladding or suitable ceiling or wall paint.
Sand plastic 696 is ready-mixed putty ready to use. Used for leveling ceilings and walls, has optimized working properties and filling capacity, good sanding properties and shrinks minimally.
  • Joint filling
  • High breaking strength
  • Beige

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Риск и т.д.

(EUH208) Contains sensitizing agent. May cause an allergic reaction. (EUH210) Safety data sheets are available for request.


Product Data Sheet 1 Product Data Sheet 2 Technical Data Sheet 1 Technical Data Sheet 2 Safety Data Sheet Declaration of Performance 1 Declaration of Performance 2

Время сушки

Drying time at 20 ° C, 60% RH (hours): 2 hours Can be repainted at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Hours): 20 Hours Cured at 20 ° C, 60% RH (Days): 28 Days









Описание продукта


Product properties

  • Hand putty for plasterboard in dry rooms.
  • Contains light fine-grained filler with good filling ability and high strength.
  • Finish with wall cladding and / or suitable ceiling or wall paint in the desired color and gloss.

USP / Special Features

  • Joint filling
  • High breaking strength
  • Beige

Environmental information

Remove as much paint as possible from the tools before cleaning in water. Liquid paint residues should not be poured down the drain, but left at the local environmental station. Minimize your paint waste by estimating in advance how much paint you need. Take care of leftover paint so you can use it again. This is how you effectively reduce the product's environmental impact.



Product use

  • Installation of Marco Spark - perf or Sheetrock strip and joint filling and filling of screw holes on cardboard-covered plasterboard.
  • Ice filling and wide filling when leveling plaster, concrete, lightweight concrete, cardboard-covered plasterboard and previously painted surfaces.


  • Loose material and paint are removed by rough cleaning, sanding and dusting.
  • Dirt, spillage, grease and paint-removing material are removed with Fluren 37.
  • Water-soluble discoloration, nicotine and soot are cleaned with Fluren 49.
  • Hard, smooth surfaces are matt sanded.
  • The putty is applied and leveled.
  • Joints on gypsum boards are dusted and filled and the strip is turned with the prefabricated fold towards the joint, pressed in with the filler and pressed down into the wet filler.
  • The putty strip is pressed in so far that a thin layer of putty ends up on the outside of the putty strip.
  • In the same workflow, the filler strip is scraped over.
  • After drying, fill joints and screw holes twice.
  • The surface is sanded and primed or primed before further treatment.


  • The gypsum boards must be set up in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and standards.
  • See Flügger's work instructions for plasterboard, filling joints.

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