Flutex Pro 5


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3 - 4 working days
Matt wall and ceiling paint with subdued gloss, extra opacity, high quality and strong environmental profile.
Flutex Pro 5 has optimal coverage and working properties which effectively ensures productivity and finish. Recommended for rooms with high functional requirements that are exposed to dirt and wear and tear. Withstands cleaning, including stain cleaning with mild detergents without abrasive, soft brush, water and cloth.
  • Coverage
  • Subdued gloss
  • Robust surface

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(EUH208) Contains sensitizing substance. May produce an allergic reaction. (EUH210) Safety data sheet available on request. (EUH211) Warning! Dangerous respirable droplets may form


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Dust dry at 20 ° C, 60% RH: 1 Hour Dry treatment at 20 ° C, 60% RH: 4 hours Cured through at 20 ° C, 60% RH: 28 days


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Mat, 5


8 m² / liter depending on substrate and application method


Coverage Subdued gloss Robust surface

Описание продукта


Product description

  • Matt 100% acrylic wall and ceiling paint, extra opacity.
  • Recommended for rooms with high functional requirements that are exposed to any soiling and wear and tear due to use.

Special features

  • Coverage
  • Subdued gloss
  • Robust surface

Environmental information

Remove as much paint as possible from tools before washing in water. Do not pour residual liquid paint down the drain, dispose of it at the local recycling station. Minimize your paint waste by calculating in advance how much to use. Store excess paint correctly so that residues can be used, thus minimizing environmental impact.




  • Living rooms, hallways, hallways, offices, kitchens, business premises, clinic and shop.
  • Concrete, lightweight concrete, plaster, brick, gypsum board, fiber gypsum, cement fiber boards, cement chipboard.


  • Loose material and paint are removed by cleaning and sanding.
  • Dirt, dirt, grease and contaminants are removed with Fluren 37.
  • Water-soluble discoloration, nicotine and soot are cleaned with Fluren 49 and treated with Stop Primer.
  • Hard, smooth surfaces are matt sanded and primed as needed with Fix Primer.
  • Cracks, bumps and holes are filled.
  • Suction and porous substrates are primed with anchoring primers
  • Primer is done with Combi Primer or Special Primer.
  • Apply 1-2 times. Some shades require extra treatments.

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