About us

Paints Flugger represents a wide range of professional paints, varnishes, impregnations for wood produced by the Danish company Flugger A/S. For our customers, we are ready to provide excellent service, a wide range of paint and varnish products, painting tools. All our products are certified in Uzbekistan and are of high quality, subject to an adequate pricing policy. We offer concepts such as price and quality. Our idea is to make products as affordable as possible for a wide range of customers.

Our cooperation with painters, designers, architects does not end with the sale of paints and varnishes. We document the quality of our product, help to collect extraordinary questions, sometimes we sell product coloring cards in the production of painting works, get acquainted with new products of our products, etc.

Flugger's concept is the careful development of a product range that defines a full range of paints for every kind: walls and ceilings, wood paints, wood preservatives, facade paints, metal, as well as wallpaper and wall coverings. The Flügger range naturally includes putties, cleaners and primers, as well as brushes, tools and other accessories. And we are ready to present these products in Uzbekistan.

In any case, we will always try to help you in solving your painting problem. We are always glad to see you in our stores!